You’ve celebrated the equinox, you’ve done your spring cleaning, you’ve acquired a whole new spring wardrobe (maybe), and now it’s time to plant your spring garden. With all of this “springness” underway the only thing left is to throw the party of the year—a la spring, of course. 

Here are 6 easy ways to take your spring brunch, lunch, or dinner party to the next level.

1. Take your invites into the digital age.

All of the best parties have cute invites. And while paper cards are a longstanding classic, digital invites are the name of the game this spring.

Digital invites are cost-free, environmentally-friendly, and can be custom-made to suit your style. If you’re in a time crunch, don’t worry—there are loads of templates out there. Plus, people are way more likely to RSVP when all they have to do it respond with a text.

2. Show off your blooms.

Nothing screams of spring like a bouquet of flowers, and that’s because spring = fresh, vibrant flowers. So take your pick of color, breed, and size! They’ll smell and look stunning.

Then, make it easy for yourself and keep the surrounding decor simple. Mason jars are our favorite fuss-free vases. Put a few blooms in each jar and spread them out—around the kitchen, down the table, on the patio, wherever. For extra hosting points, tie a ribbon around the mouth of the jar.  

3. Let nature’s colors do the talkin’.

Spring is inherently full of vibrant color. So, we suggest choosing decor that’s neutral and letting nature’s colors shine. Everything will look particularly bright and fresh amongst cream, beige, and light tans.

Our favorite shade of spring? Green. Take your party outdoors among the trees, use gorgeous potted herbs as table decor, and embrace the vibrancy of the very food you’re eating. Trust us—there’s plenty of color in the garden.

4. Embrace the nosh of spring—small bites!

Small bites are the thing of spring. Petite hors-d'oeuvres and appetizers are a must this season—especially when they’re light, fresh, and striking in flavor. In fact, you could even do it the Spanish way and serve tapas—a series of mini dishes. Who needs an entree anyway? For starters, try our delish mini bruschetta!

5. Keep the menu light, fresh, and fuss-free.

No one wants to leave a party feeling heavy or weighed down. So, keep the menu light! The best way to keep your food refreshing is to stay focused on veggies, fruit, and white meats. Grilled chicken is our personal go-to and this zucchini noodle dish is to die for. Keep away from lots of cream and red meats. You and your party guests will love how fresh and spring-like you feel afterward.

6. Fruit, fruit, fruit.

It’s nature’s dessert. A fruit and cheese platter will wrap up a spring party with sweetness and leave your guests feeling fully satisfied. And of course, no party is complete without a fruity cocktail!

Bonus: fruit can double as decor. Insert a small card into a peach for an easy and edible place card. Then, set a crate overflowing with fruit as your table’s main centerpiece. Guests can simply reach in and partake as the meal progresses. Sweet and satisfying.

Whether you’re hosting or not, celebrating is a must for spring. Try out these ideas, and send us your spring results! @gardenuity

April 13, 2018 by Corinne L.
Tags: celebrate