We hope you’re staying warm and enjoying the new year with food, friends, and fun. 2018 is a year that good things are growing into great things at Gardenuity. Our whole team is celebrating today with the unveiling of our smarter, faster, and more intuitive site. Your feedback and advice have been so valuable as we created the new Gardenuity site—thank you! 

Today, we’re inviting you to take a behind-the-scenes peek at the fresh Gardenuity. After months of brainstorming, designing, testing, talking, re-designing, re-testing, and debating deep into the night, we are finally ready to show you what we’ve been up to. We could not be more excited. Here’s a peek at a few of the changes we’re most excited about:

  1. SMARTER. GardenuityMatch is smarter than ever and built to pull and present personal gardens for you. They’re sorted by the time, day, and local weather for you over the next ten days.
  2. FASTER. We can’t speed up the growing process of your lettuce or tomato (in a healthy way), but we can make sure your online experience with Gardenuity is responsive and quick.  None of us like waiting in lines at a retail store or restaurant, so why would you want to wait online? We built a faster engine for our website, so there’s absolutely no waiting.
  3. PERSONAL. GardenuityMatch will share personalized search results, paired because of where and when you are. We’re also introducing Grow Pro™, a resource personalized to you that will guide you through the growing process. Grow Pro monitors the weather needs of your garden and shares what to expect when growing with Gardenuity.

We invite you to take a peek at the refreshed Gardenuity website. Shoot us an email or comment on Facebook with your thoughts on our fresh features! We’d love to hear from you. 

Growing together, 

Donna & Julie

January 24, 2018 by Corinne L.
Tags: Grow