It’s hard to “just do it.” Having the confidence to grow fresh veggies on your patio is difficult, especially when you think you have a black thumb, and especially when you’re a city dweller. Growing rookies in cities around the world have been facing this problem for years: How do you grow a successful garden and enjoy a tasty harvest in an urban environment?

We’ve done our research, and we’ve found out a few things. Turns out, the most important variables when growing are timing, location, plant variety, and dirt. So, over the last few years, we’ve worked tirelessly on a original solution to help those who think they’re doomed to a black thumb. We made plant matching.


Gardenuity Match is a method of matching plants to people based on locale, current weather, farm inventory, and customer flavor profiles. When you first arrive at the Gardenuity site, you can browse through vegetable and herb profiles without entering any information about yourself. Then, when you’re ready, enter your zip code, and the site will pull garden options for you. These are options that are perfect growing partners for you in your location and climate (meant for planting in the next 10 days.)  

Match also aligns you with the perfect dirt recipe for your crop to thrive. We know that each plant has different needs for healthy growing and harvesting, so we match your plant to its ideal soil nutrients based on what you’re growing, where you’re living, and the time of year. 

Brie Arthur, a renowned expert on edible gardening and harvesting success (and the VP of Horticulture at Gardenuity), predicts that matching the right plant to the right partner at the right time sets you up for a thriving plant and successful harvest. Donna Letier, Co-Founder of Gardenuity said, “It doesn’t matter if you live in tropical Florida, snowcapped Colorado, the high deserts of California, or anywhere in between, we match you to the herbs and veggies that you can successfully grow based on the weather where you live right now.”


Gardenuity Match helps bring the joy of growing and the thrill of the harvest to people everywhere. Give it a try, and let us know what you think! Be sure to follow our #gardenuitygrows community of growers on all of our social channels to learn more about what’s growing at Gardenuity.

January 16, 2018 by Corinne L.
Tags: grow