People tend to think technology and nature don’t go together — as if it’s robots vs. mother nature and only one can win out. Well, at Gardenuity, we don’t think that at all. We believe, if used correctly, technology can actually help to bring nature back to its former glory. And when it comes to the garden, we’ve been working tirelessly to bring the two together.

Our mission is to help more people find joy in the garden. By combining technology with great products and our Grow Pro team, we’ve created an experience that is not merely curated (although it is), but also totally personalized to each grower.

Our products are specially designed (in a natural, safe way) to bring you growing success. Then, there’s our Grow Pro service. Our in-house growing experts regularly email you with recipes, advice, and information you need to grow well. Plus, they’re always available to answer questions.

But the thing you’re really going to love this summer is the unique technology we’ve developed around our weather alerts.

We know where you live (and not in the creepy way), so we’ll send you location-specific emails in times of bad weather or intense heat. If you have a random hot spell or rainstorm coming, you’ll receive a note telling you how to handle it. Trust us, it’ll come in handy this summer. Wheeling your plant indoors during a blistering heat spell could be the difference between crispy leaves and a full, delicious harvest!

Ed, our head of technology, is constantly innovating so our technology works smoother, faster, and better. As he says, “The stuff we’re developing here is really going to transform the garden experience. We’re not trying to replace nature — we’re trying to enhance the natural processes that work so well…Ultimately, it’s tech working in tandem with nature. ”

With our technology on hand, you’re in for a gardening treat this summer. If you have any questions, let us know! @gardenuity

May 22, 2018 by Chelsea Rabroker
Tags: garden