It’s hard to tell whether your plant simply needs a little TLC or should probably head to the grave. As much as we love reviving plants, sometimes you need to let your tomato plant head to plant-heaven. Plant expert and ‘foodscaping’ genius Brie Arthur gives her advice on how to know when your tomato plant has died.

“Tomatoes love the spring. As the days increase in length and temperatures rise through the season, they flourish. However, come mid-summer, they tire out.

“Some of the signs that a tomato plant is dying are browning or yellow leaves that curl up, reduction in flowering and fruit set, and slow development of new vegetation. If you see these signs, it might be time to let your plant go.”

If you’re seeing any of these symptoms, consider replanting your Gardenuity grow bag with one of our refresher kits. They come with new plants (specifically suited for the season and your locale), new micronutrients, and a top layer of custom compost.

You can simply pull out your old tomato plant and replant! Soon, you’ll have a new delicious new harvest to munch on.

June 19, 2018 by Corinne L.
Tags: garden