“I’ll love whatever you get me. It’s the thought that counts!”
-Every mom ever

Mothers are the ultimate diplomats. They’re also the ultimate lovers, so they probably actually mean it when they say this. But…it doesn’t mean they don’t have specific wishes.

We wanted to know what real-life, busy moms actually want this Mother’s Day, so we asked a few friends, family, and all around “boss moms” what their #1 wish for Mother’s Day 2018 is. 

Suzanne Droese: (Entrepreneur, CEO of Droese PR, style maker, & mom to twins)

“Being that my twin boys just finished their first year away at college, I’ll be thrilled to have them with me on Mother’s Day! As for what’s on my wishlist? A summer holiday away with them, a day without email (what a dream!), a personal chef and stylist, a fabulous bauble from my friend Sue Gragg, and, of course, world peace. But, if that’s too much, I’ll settle for an updated photo with my boys. Nothing would make me happier.”

Cait Dunn: (Crew Coach, Personal Trainer, Mom, inspirer extraordinaire)

“With a 2 ½ year old son and 5-month old son, family time and homemade cards are the most precious Mother’s Day gifts I could ask for! My boys are in such a sweet and fun stage, so spending the day together would be perfect.”

Brandy Demeris: (Teacher, comedian, Blue Bell aficionado, & mom to three Aggies)

”For Mother’s Day, I would like my kids to go to church with me, have lunch with me, hang out with me, put in new kitchen cabinets, find a place for all their stuff they are about to lug home from college, and take my feet to get a pedicure. I don’t think I’m asking more than any other mom.” 

Julie Eggers: (Entrepreneur, COO, wife, baker of extraordinary cakes, & mom of two amazing kids) 

“A 75-degree crystal-clear day on the lake with my family.”

Lauren Halstedt: (Tennis player, party host, & mom to two adorable babes)

“An hour to enjoy the sunshine and appreciate the fact I have a 2-year-old and a 2-day old little one." 

Beth Susans: (Moral advocate, casual genius, & Mom of two beautiful grown-ups)

“A quiet night in with a nice bottle of wine, snacks, and relaxation — alone. ”   

DeeAnn Anigian: (Digital Strategist for St. Michaels Woman’s Exchange, community volunteer, & Mom of three highly successful kids)

“Dinner with all three of my adult children at the same time.  As they get older, it’s harder and harder to do that.” 

Donna Letier: (CEO, entrepreneur, growing enthusiast, early bird, & mom of two beauts)

“Chocolate with no calories, Madison to say, ‘Ok, you were right,’ an empty laundry bin, clean hair, Scott to be on time for a day, and one last heart-to-heart with my mom who I know is smiling down on us from heaven.“

Ashlie Dance: (writer, calligrapher, musician, & mom of two young 'uns)

"For Mother’s Day, I’d like to relinquish all discipline — my least favorite mom activity — to my partner.”

This Mother’s Day, get your mom what she wants. If you’re a mom — first, treat yourself! Then, let us and your loved ones know: what are you wishing for this Sunday? @gardenuity

May 08, 2018 by Corinne L.
Tags: celebrate