Garden Inspired Sea Salts


Sun Dried Tomato & Lemon Pepper Sea Salt: This special hand crafted combination is a Garden Inspired favorite. Its beautiful color and special taste make it the perfect topper for popcorn, steamed vegetables, salad, or a cocktail glass rim. The flavor profile of tomato and lemon pepper is salty, sweet, distinctive, and tangy. Wonderful to partner with your favorite olive oil to use as a bread topper.

Ingredients - sea salt, sun-ripened tomato, lemon pepper seasoning.

Rosemary Garden Sea Salt: Create immense flavor and fresh taste in your main course with just a dash of this salt. Use as the perfect topping for any kind of roasted vegetable or poultry, and enhance your meal with the subtle flavorings of the rosemary.

Ingredients Unrefined sea salt, rosemary.

Garlic Garden Sea Salt: Dress up nearly any meal you can think of with this garlic sea salt. The taste of the garlic infused granules will beat out any kind of garlic powder you've ever used as a seasoning. Tasty flavoring and versatile use make it a necessity in any chef's kitchen. Use on vegetables, meat, poultry, or bread for a burst of fresh flavor and delicious results.

Ingredients - Unrefined sea salt, garlic.

Ginger Garden Sea Salt: The fresh, biting flavors of ginger combined with the simple flavors of the unrefined sea salt create a tasty, yet unique seasoning that can be used year round on any dish of your choosing. The slightly-sweet flavor of this high quality salt is perfect for dressing up fresh vegetables. Also use to achieve a sweet and salty dessert or a flavorful main course.

Ingredients - Unrefined sea salt and ginger.

Twist of Lime Sea Salt: Tart without being sour, this is truly a Garden Inspired favorite. It offers a hint of citrus to everything you sprinkle it on. Try it on fresh cantaloupe, salads, or popcorn. This versatile seasoning is also a favorite for cocktails and grilling.

Ingredients - Unrefined sea salt and lime.

Habanero Garden Sea Salt: Just a light sprinkle of this habanero and unrefined sea salt blend can add some serious kick to any food. The flavor intensity of the habanero can be used to pack a serious punch into meats on the grill, or can be added on an ear of roasted corn for a unique flavor. Get some serious heat with some serious flavor.

Ingredients - Unrefined sea salt and habanero pepper.

 All salts are blended in the USA.