Oregano 'Greek' Herb



This savory variety of oregano is commonly used in Mediterranean inspired cooking. The leaves are an ideal culinary addition fresh or dried. The plant will grow as a sprawling ground cover and is an ideal candidate for a patio container or garden bed. You can grow this indoors for the short term (ideally 30 days) or outdoors through the summer. 

Cultural Details

Grow in full to part sun.  Keep soil evenly moist, by watering thoroughly and allowing to drain well. Harvest tips to maintain tight form. This variety will tolerate light frost, but prefers temperatures above 40F.  

  • Grown in the USA
  • Includes plant shipped in a 4.5” container
  • Grows to 12” tall 
  • Annual 
  • Full sun- part shade 
  • Bloom period: summer
  • Harvest period: Spring-Fall 
  • Hardiness zones: NOT HARDY

Shipping & Returns

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