FREE Wellness Webinar: Virtual Event with Quentin Vennie | August 6th


Join Gardenuity and celebrated wellness expert, author, and plant lover, Quentin Vennie, as we discuss mindfulness, meditation and health. This free virtual Wellness Webinar is on Thursday, August 6th at 3pm CST.

We have partnered with Quentin to bring you an interactive and informative virtual event. So dial in and take some time for yourself as we explore wellness topics from mental and physical health to environmental awareness that are key for helping us manage stress and anxiety during these uncertain times. 

Quentin Vennie, the former VP of Yoga Alliance Foundation, is an international motivational speaker, author of the memoir "Strong In The Broken Places," and avid gardener. During the event, he will provide tips for mindfulness and meditation, and share the story behind his favorite phrase, "Gardening is my yoga."

Donna Letier, the Co-founder and CEO of Gardenuity, believes that gardening is an avenue to making a better you — one who eats healthier food, is more spiritually well, and has better relationships. Her goal is to make gardening easily accessible so growers can experience the joy of nurturing something as well as being nurtured. During the event, she will walk you through building a container garden and the many benefits that come from getting your hands a little dirty.

Enjoy from the comfort of your living room, back porch, balcony, or kitchen!

You are not required to purchase a Gardenuity container garden to participate in this event, but if you do purchase one, our CEO can answer any questions you might have and you can use the fresh herbs in your cocktail creations. If you do want to purchase one of our Cocktail gardens you can do so here:

Once you select your event ticket, the Zoom call details will be emailed to you directly the week of the event.

Thursday, August 6th
3pm CST
Zoom Call