Homegrown Garden Kit with Plants & Tools


Free shipping on your complete Homegrown Garden. The garden kit includes fully rooted plants and the customized garden kit.

Planting, nurturing and growing your own fresh flavors is an extraordinary feeling. Patio to plate is good for you and the planet, plus it’s fun and now accessible to everyone. The Homegrown garden is a way to connect with nature, feel good about growing good, and enjoy the fruits of your labor with family and friends. If you have always wanted to be one of these people who can boast that your herbs and veggies are homegrown, this is the garden for you-- Instagram ready and perfect for those who want to celebrate the taste and bragging rights of “homegrown”.


If you have a location outside that receives 4 or more hours of daily sun, your garden is positioned for lush growth. 

The Homegrown Garden is perfect for patio, balcony, sidewalk or backyards, is assembled in less than 45 minutes and is mobile that will help extend your growing season. Plus the grow bag is reusable season after season.
The  Homegrown Garden comes with everything you need for your own homegrown harvest of veggies or melons and herbs. Included in the Homegrown garden collection is everything you need in exact proportions for your container garden and nothing you don’t to get you growing: customized soil, plant nutrients, and a fully rooted plant collection, along with plant nutrients, a Homegrown grow bag and Grow Pro Support to make growing your own easy.

The Homegrown Garden includes:
  • Portable & reusable 7 gallon grow bag embroidered with "Homegrown Garden"
  • Herbs & veggies matched to your location
  • Foundation Compost (1 gallon) 
  • Coir - expands to 5-6 gallons of total growing media
  • Soil Primer
  • Micro Nutrients
  • PH Toner
  • 30-day & 60-day feeding
  • Seasonal Grow Pro Membership
  • Two full-sided garden tools crafted of ash wood and stainless steel. 
    • Hand Trowel, 10.8” full length 
    • Hand Transplanter, 10.8” full length
Gardenuity is a modern way to experience the joys of gardening and the “I grew that” feeling. It’s a way to engage you in fresh wellness and culinary ideas that you might not have tried had you not grown them yourself.


All of our garden kits include a season of Grow Pro membership. Grow Pro offers a world of benefits designed to make your gardening experience better. You will receive weather alerts to tell you if you need to move your garden inside and interesting ways to enjoy your fresh harvest- recipes, harvesting tips and more.
Garden Weather Alerts
Harvest Guidance
On-Call Support from a Grow Pro expert
Seasonal Recipes
Watering tips
Wellness Advice